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WR3D Mod 2k17 Apk Download – The biggest 3D wrestling game on mobiles, now celebrating over 30 MILLION downloads!!! The Wrestling Revolution rumbles into the 3rd dimension, where it now features BOTH aspects of the business in ONE epic universe for the first time ever!

A wrestling career challenges you to take shots in the ring, whereas a “booking” career allows you to call the shots backstage – promoting entertaining matches every week for ratings. Seeing each side of the curtain gives you an even better appreciation for the other, and ensures you’ll never grow bored of wrestling again! Both modes are available to play for free, with the option to upgrade to enjoy the “Pro” experience with no ads or limitations.

2K19 Android latest 3.1.2 APK Download and Install. Media Player App For Android TV, Android Phone,Firesticks and Android Tab. WWE 2K19 for iOS Download WWE 2K19 for iPhone/iPad. Now we will take the case of iOS devices, most of the iOS users are waiting for WWE 2k19 game like anything. WWE 2k18 has got an immense response from most of the iOS users. In the case of iOS also, you need the WWE 2k19 apk and a android emulator to make it work in your iOS device.

And if playing Pro isn’t enough, a separate “Backstage Pass” allows you to play God by saving your changes to all 9 rosters before pitting your immortals against each other in dream matches of your own creation! With 4 pages of rules to mix & match – including up to 20 wrestlers in rings of any shape or size – the only limit is your imagination. You can also blow off steam with no pressure by revisiting the 8 weeks of supercards from the game’s promotional tour. Not to mention the interactive training process that teaches you how to lock up in the first place.

WR3D WWE 2k17 Mod Apk Download

The game features an interactive tutorial that you are advised to play through, but the basic controls are as follows:

CURSORS = Movement (double-tap to dash)
A = Attack (with a direction to aim high, without to aim low)
G = Grapple
R = Run
P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)
T = Taunt / Pin / Referee duties
EYE = Change focus / Turn opponent around
HEALTH METER = Switch character
CLOCK = Pause / Change camera angle* This game is also compatible with Android controllers such as NVidia Shield or MOGA Pro (“B” Mode).

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Download WR3D 2K19 best mod in android. WR3D 2K19 mod is now finally available in android that is released by wr3d network. Wr3d netowork made wr3d 2k19 mod for android.

Many wr3d lovers searched on google about best wr3d mod, wr3d 2k19 for android download, wr3d 2k19 mod download link and how to download wr3d 2k19 mod in android. But Today i will give you best wr3d 2k19 mod with download link.


Wrestling Revolution 3d 2k19 Mod Download For Android

Wrestling Revolution is the wrestling game that is made for android and pc and inspired by wwe games. Wrestling Revolution is now in 3rd dimension to play in 3d graphics. You can now play wr3d 2k19 in modded version. wr3d 2k19 is the modified version of wrestling revolution.

Gameplay of WR3D 2K19 :

  • In wr3d 2k19 you will get new main hidangan with new superstar back grounds.
  • In main hidangan you will get features like Training, shows, exhibition, my career, Gm mode.
  • In Training mode, you will play pelatihan match and learn basic controls of wr3d.
  • You can play PPV and Live events in shows hidangan by selecting PPV names.
  • Exhibition mode allows you to play first match by choosing your opponent.
  • You can play My Career mode with your created superstar in wr3d 2k19.
  • GM Mode also can be played in wr3d 219 mode by selecting your GM from roaster.

Features of WR3D 2K19 :

  • New Roasters Updated in wr3d 2k19 from main brands.
  • New arenas like raw, smack down live, nxt and wwe performance center.
  • New Weapons will be playable in wr3d 2k19 like breakable ring, tables and breakable barricade.
  • New Backstage area will be connected to arenas and now you can play in backstage area while playing matches.

Basic Controls of WR3D :

  1. A = Attack your opponent.
  2. Z = Run towards your opponent.
  3. G = Grapple to your opponent.
  4. P = Pick up weapons and Drop Weapons and Pause the Match.
  5. T = Taunt to your opponent and Pin your opponent.
  6. CTRL = Change focus of your opponent.

Wwe Wr3d 2k19 Mod Apk

Wr3d 2k19 Mod Game Download For Android


Wr3d 2k19 Download For Android Emulator

Download Wr3d 2k19 By Hhh

Wr3d 2k19 Download For Android Apk

Wr3d 2k19 Mod Download

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