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Volfied Virus is definitely one of the greatest and coolest adventure possible so let's get to the work right now, before there will be too late and of course, you need to pay close attention in this skills mission, because you could yourself get infected, because we are talking about some dangerous viruses. A dangerous virus has just infected a lot of computers and right now they are trying to invadate your territory so stop them by eating them all successfully. There will be a square drawn with green lines and you have to move your character on it and when you think that it is the right moment, start biting and this way you may eat the viruses and their boss finally. Do not let them touch any line or you will lose the game and of course, do not let them touch your character which can move only on the lines, or you will definitely die after a couple of times. Good luck in this amazing adventure and do not them touch the lines, infecting your territory, drag your trajectory using the mouse and when they are close, eat them successfully and pay attention to do not get yourself killed by their touch!

Volfied The Game And Games


A beginning to end playthrough of Taito and Empire Interactive's 1991 PC Dos arcade port, Volfied. Volfied was a followup to the 80s mainstay Qix, juicing up. Volfied is an action arcade game designed by Fukio Mitsuji and released by Taito in 1989. Volfied Virus is definitely one of the greatest and coolest adventure possible so let's get to the work right now, before there will be too late and of course.


Use the arrow keys

Volfied The Game And Game

The space ship Monotros has returned after receiving an SOS call to save his home world (Volfied) from alien invaders and has to defeat a different boss and his minions in each level. Volfied is very similar to Qix — the player takes control of an ship/object whose purpose is to roam the screen, forming shapes and removing them from the play field. By way of reward, a picture is gradually revealed in the removed areas of the screen. The borders of the area which the player has not cleared become the border of the area the player’s pointer can move along. When not cutting the ship is protected by a shield the shield decreases over time and when it hits zero the enemies can also killl you when not cutting.

The player’s object must avoid contact with any of the enemies which float around the screen, as this will weaken and eventually destroy it. Barriers limit which parts of the border boxes can be formed through. The goal is to clear 80% or more of the screen, and each additional percent adds bonus points. Most levels contain power-up blocks these power-ups can be claimed when the area around it is removed. Possible power-ups are increased speed (S), time frees for the enemies (T), pause you shield from counting down (P), a laser to shoot the smaller enemies (L), all smaller enemies are killed instantly (C) and a weapon to kill the boss (a red tomato only found in blocks with the red light).

This game allows for one or two player games in three difficulty levels, but offers no passwords or saved games across its numerous levels.

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Game Info

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: Taito Corporation
  • Year: 1991

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