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So you just unwrapped an AmazonAlexa, Echo, or EchoDot—maybe someone who really gets you gifted one, or perhaps the holidays inspired you to treat yo’ self. Don’t start the new year with the smart speaker still sitting in its box. Setting it up to play classic, pop, and everything else is a done deal in three steps.

As of today, all Alexa users can finally use their Alexa to play podcasts through Spotify, simply by saying “Alexa, play The Upgrade on Spotify.” If you’re partway through an episode on the. Use Alexa to play your favorite tracks in the Spotify app with your voice. You’ll also notice an enhanced music landing page to help you discover your new favorite song. Finally, we’ve moved the Click-to-Talk button to the top left of the screen and the Wake Word button to the top right of the screen to help improve your experience. How to disconnect Spotify from Alexa using the Alexa app 1. Open the Alexa mobile app on your iPhone or Android device, and tap the menu icon at the top left (it looks like three horizontal lines). First, download the Amazon Alexa app from the Google Play or App store, and follow the prompts to set up your new Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Once connected, go to “Settings,” select “Music,” click “Link New Service,” and then tap “Spotify” to input your Spotify username and password. Select “Default Services” to set Spotify as. After restarting the app the spotify icon appeared in the Music & Books menu. I still havn't been able to actually make Alexa recognise my account though, but at least I'm slightly closer.

What you’ll need: your new device, the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, and your Spotify login info. Here’s how to connect Amazon Alexa to Spotify:

Spotify With Alexa

  1. First, download the Amazon Alexa app from the Google Play or App store, and follow the prompts to set up your new Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.
  2. Once connected, go to “Settings,” select “Music,” click “Link New Service,” and then tap “Spotify” to input your Spotify username and password.
  3. Select “Default Services” to set Spotify as your default music service—et voilà.

Bonus hack: Once Alexa is up and running, you can even listen to another user’s Spotify account. Just ask Alexa to “Spotify Connect,” and the device will search for another one on the same Wi-Fi network. Stealing your holiday houseguests’ excellent playlists is encouraged.

Ready? Try asking Alexa to play the very best of your library, or help you discover something new, by saying:


  • “Play Spotify.”
  • “Play my Discover Weekly.”
  • “Play hip-hop music.”
  • “Pause.”
  • “Resume Spotify.”
  • “Like this song.”
  • “Play the next song.”
  • “What’s playing?”
  • “What’s this album?”

Amazon Echo speakers let you stream music from various services and devices. Typically, you issue the command 'Alexa, play music' followed by the name of the streaming partner. If you use a service regularly, such as Spotify, you can avoid adding the streaming partner name to your command by making it the default provider. That's what we will tell you in this post. Let's see how to add Spotify as default music service on Amazon Echo..

Earlier, users from select regions enjoyed listening to Spotify on Amazon Echo as the service was limited to the Spotify Premium subscribers. In some countries, the Spotify service on Echo was unavailable for premium and free subscribers. Fortunately, that changed recently when Spotify made streaming possible for several countries for Spotify Free users in U.K., Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, and India.

Let’s see how to link Spotify to Amazon Echo and make it the default music provider.

How to Link Spotify and Choose It as Default For Music in Amazon Echo

You will need the Alexa app for this procedure. The overall idea is broken into two methods — link Spotify with Amazon and make it a default provider. Let’s check the steps.

Link Spotify to Amazon Echo

Before making Spotify the default music provider, it’s important to link the Spotify account to your Amazon Echo device. Here are the steps for the same.

Step 1: Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone. Log in to the Amazon account registered with your Echo device, in case you haven't set it up yet. You should check our guide on how to set up the Echo like a pro.

Step 2: Tap on the three-bar icon at the top. From the menu, select Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Music.

Step 4: Tap on Link New Service. Choose Spotify on the next screen.

Note: In case you don’t see Spotify, it might not be supported by Amazon Echo in your country. Alternatively, it might be still rolling out in your region. So try after a few hours or a day.

Step 5: You will be taken to the Spotify skill page. Tap on Enable to use.

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Step 6: Now, you will have to add your Spotify account. Tap on Settings for that on the Spotify skills screen. On the next screen, tap on the Link account.

Step 7: Log in with your Spotify account details and agree to the terms and conditions. When done, you will see the confirmation screen.

Another way to link Spotify and Echo is to issue the command, ‘Alexa, enable Spotify skill’. That will add Spotify under the list of available music services in the Alexa app in Settings > Music. Then tap on Spotify and follow the steps 6 and 7 mentioned above to link accounts.

Make Spotify as Default for Music in Amazon Echo

After linking Spotify in the Alexa app, you can easily make it the default service. In case you don’t do so, you will need to use Spotify at the end of all your voice commands. For instance, ‘Alexa, play XYZ playlist on Spotify.’ If Spotify isn’t the default provider, Amazon will fetch music from its music service or another default service. Sometimes, Echo will not play any music, check various ways to fix the problem.

Link spotify to alexa app

Here are the steps to make Spotify the default music service.

Step 1: Open the Alexa app and go to Settings from the three-bar icon.

Step 2: Tap on Music followed by Default services.

Step 3: Tap on Spotify to choose it as Default Music Library. You can also select Spotify as a default station.

How to Control Spotify on Amazon Echo

When Alexa and Spotify are linked successfully, and you start playing something, you can control that in several ways. Firstly, you can use the Alexa app or through the web on You can also use the Spotify app or its web version at

Lastly, you can use the following Spotify commands on your Echo device:

  • Alexa, Play Spotify
  • Alexa, Play (name of the playlist)
  • Alexa, Like this song
  • Alexa, What’s playing
  • Alexa, Play my Discover weekly
  • Alexa, Shuffle (playlist name) playlist

If playlists do not work as intended, say ‘Alexa, play (playlist name) playlist.’ And if Alexa plays a random playlist instead of the one created by you, add word my to your command, i.e., ‘Alexa, play my Best songs playlist.’

Tip: Avoid using punctuations, acronyms, or difficult titles as your Spotify playlist names.
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Bonus: Set Spotify Alarms on Echo

Besides playing songs from Spotify, you can use Spotify to set a specified song, playlist, or artist as your alarm tone in Echo. For that, issue commands like:

  • Alexa, wake me up at 7:00 am to Best songs playlist
  • Alexa, wake me up at 8:30 am to Somebody’s me

Alexa Won’t Play Spotify

Sometimes, you will be bothered by the lack of communication between Alexa and Spotify. If Alexa doesn’t play from Spotify, update the Alexa app, or relink your Spotify account to Echo. You can also try disabling the Spotify Skill and then enable it back.

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Competition Is Strong

We are glad that Spotify is finally available for Free users in many countries on the Echo. It was high time that Spotify introduced the feature as the competition is growing day by day. Amazon has its own music service, which offers great competition to Spotify. Even YouTube Music and Apple Music provide great services. Talking about Apple Music, you can use the same steps mentioned above to link Apple Music to Echo. The only difference is that you need to select Apple Music instead of Spotify.

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