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Heart of Darkness is a great game that includes all the cool elements of the old SNES game Out of This World and all the gorgeous scenery of Flashback. But after you're done, you're done-there are no hidden rooms, secrets, or replayability in this game. Someone's in the Kitchen! Is a point-and-click interactive kitchen for the whole family. In this kitchen, you'll find a lot of characters- from a mothering fridge to a finicky trash can to a plucky little toaster. Everyone is there to help and everyone loves to sing.You can explore the kitchen an. Someone In Darkness free. download full PC Game Setup. Feb 21, 2019 Deiland Full Free Game Download Action. Freely customize easily the character of a total of 26 people.

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There's something on the island...In Fear for Sale: Hidden in the Darkness Collector's Edition

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Game Description

Enjoy the newest addition to the Fear For Sale series! Your writing session for your latest Fear For Sale magazine article is interrupted when a ghostly figure calls out to you for help! Since the opening of a new amusement attraction, people have gone missing from Drammond Island. Can you find the missing people and stop the mysterious kidnapper in time? Find out in this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure!

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Fear For Sale: Hidden in the Darkness Collector's Edition


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  1. Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness
3.95 / 5 - 43 votes

Description of Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness

Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness, a really nice educational game sold in 1994 for DOS, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a religion, sci-fi / futuristic and bible video game title.

Captures and Snapshots

Comments and reviews

Judas2020-10-17-1 point

Ah, fond memories indeed. I remember saving many souls from darkness, even raising the dead here and there. And then there was that one girl I met in the game. When my mom left the room, I would touch the girl and play with her in the woods. She screamed, but I muffled her screams by sitting on her face until she no longer moved. Eventually my mom caught me and uninstalled the game. I cried for weeks. But now it's here and once again I have found the girl. I can't wait to sit on her face again and raise the dead.

Dumbass2020-10-170 point

Captain Bible is my hero :)))

God2020-05-24-3 points

Absolute load of old shit. Don't bother with it. Play GTA V instead. Then shoot your nan in the face, either with your Colt 45 or your penis.

(c°_}2020-04-050 point

@UNASHAMED Brainwashed people are believing in illogical things without any proof, so...

Oma2018-12-01-1 point

Geweldig spel en heel leerzaam❤️❤️

Tron2018-08-254 points

This isn't a game. This is a study tool. And an awesome one at that! Seriously, I could quote a hundred verses off the top of my head after playing this for a week. Difficulty increases the number of verses. And it doesn't get boring, it's both engaging and educational. It encourages the player to understand the verses. Go ahead, try it!

TruthMan2018-05-21-5 points

You guys are missing the point. The point of the game isn't the game itself- it's to teach you to rightly and correctly identify and fight against common lies that are spoken often and contradict the word of God. It isn't a game, but a spiritual training tool. And if you can't see that then you are choosing to be blind in ignorance or pride.

Unashamed2018-03-02-4 points

@eric A brainwashed atheist calling the Word of God a deception and Christians brainwashed is much more ironic. I'm just going to leave this here. If You are right and death is final with no reward after this, and no point to existence; neither of us have lost or gained anything by continuing as we are. But if I am right, I have gained everything and you have lost everything. In both cases I have nothing to lose, but I have everything to gain if I am right; while you have everything to lose.

Jo2017-11-091 point


IAmNotLegend2015-07-265 points DOS version

I do remember this game from my childhood. As a kid, I had a lot of fun battling through the Cybers and saving the people trapped in darkness. Playing this game again, I can only come to one conclusion: Young me was either easily amused or had a temporary stroke of idiocy. To give Captain Bible credit, it IS one of the better religious-themed games I've played. Granted, there's not too much in the way of competition. I've noticed that in both games and movies, religious themes tend to suffer the same problem as ones with environmentalist themes: the message is too heavy handed, even bordering on blunt force trauma. Captain Bible also suffers from extremely repetitive gameplay. The formula is basically 1) Find Bible verse, 2) find lie that Bible verse talks about to defeat Cyber, 3) Repeat ad nauseum. Combat involves hiding behind your shield until the Cyber's painfully obvious weak spot opens up and then finishing them in one or two hits. Occasionally this is switched up, and there are stronger versions of some monsters, or you run through super-fast 'Jump Tunnels' and have to dodge your way through charging Cybers (who for some reason make oinking noises when they pass you...not sure what's up with that...). Then you save the citizens of the city one by one and defeat the evil nauseated Eye of Sauron, er, I mean, the Tower of the Deception, by using Robby the Robot's steroid-enhanced, fist-laser blasting cousin. Overall, the experience leaves you feeling...well, unfulfilled would be a good word. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone over the age of 8 or 9, but it was a nice trip down memory lane for me.

Oddbrother2015-05-174 points DOS version

Note that this package only has the New International version verses.


lue2015-02-07-2 points DOS version

my computer rejected making the file for this game, its a windows 7 so maybe its too old idk

lou lou2014-09-300 point DOS version

love this game!! Definitely worth the play!

World Of Darkness Games

Erik2014-09-07-2 points DOS version

The irony of the screenshot about 'deception'

Assam2013-12-28-6 points DOS version

I like when the satan fight captin bible and the satan wins.

schippo2013-10-07-2 points DOS version

i had this game as a kid and still do so i had to download it

Ace1012013-10-035 points DOS version

An objective review:
I have (semi) fond memories of playing this as a kid, thinking it was pretty cool at age 7-8 or so.
In retrospect it's actually one of the better of the few Christian video games that I played, though that's not really saying a whole lot.
The game has good graphics and artwork for a DOS game, and can a little enjoyable for the first hour or so. However the biggest con is how mind-numbingly repetitive it is.
The entire gameplay basically boils down to - 'find Bible verse - match correct verse to the correct 'Cyber Lie' - defeat Cyber - find Bible verse again... wash, rinse repeat' - and completing the entire game could take anywhere from 10-25 hours (depending on the difficulty, since the levels are larger on higher difficulties) - so after a fairly short time, the game will just end up feeling like a chore.
To spice things up, they throw in some 'Punch Out' style combat sections when you battle the Cybers - however the controls are bad and the enemies are too easy - so these really just boil down to mashing the attack key - not to mention you can simply go back to a 'chapel' and restore any 'faith' (equivalent of HP) you lost an infinite amount of times after each battle, further eliminating the challenge.
The game has a small number of music tracks - while the music isn't terrible, most of the levels just use a single 30 second track looping over and over, so hearing this for hours on end will quickly get old. The sound effects on the other hand are just plain awful, and I recommend just turning these off (when I played this as a kid, I was lucky and the sound effects apparently never worked on my computer).
While this game is at least functional, and has somewhat impressive graphics and artwork for its era, it's going to become very boring very fast - I don't recommend other than for very young children, or someone who wants to play just for nostalgia's sake.
2 out of 5

Jes2012-11-260 point DOS version

I need help! everything is ok, until it stop at the part where it supposed to start...I can see the begining, but then, after the text where it says they decide to call.......and goes to the next image where it says capitan bible, there, that is the problem, I can see the falling water, i mean, it´s still working because there is movement, but I can do anything else in that screen. I´ve tried everythin with the mouse and the keyboard, but still doesn´t work. If any of you know something I would be too thankful

pkwesi772012-10-130 point DOS version

I just love this game, so glad I found it here :)

Segatendo2012-03-311 point DOS version

I still have the cd for this. :D

paperbrain2011-07-170 point DOS version

Just downloaded this, it IS made for Windows 3.1, so use DosBox.

Someone In Darkness Game

paperbrain2011-06-280 point DOS version

Some games made to work on Win 32(95, NT, etc.) will not work in XP or later. If you're using XP, try running it in compatibility mode for 95. I don't have Vista or Windows 7, so I couldn't tell you what to do in that case. On a different note, if a program is made for Windows 3.1, use DosBox.

pyro2011-06-121 point DOS version

someone tell me what this mean the virsion of this file is not compatible with the virsion of windows your running

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