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Multiple users on the same desktop. Pair up with another coder, designer or teammate on your machine. Each gets their own mouse pointer and can simultaneously work on the same Windows desktop. Mouse cursor download: Android Material Cursors. GTCC is a custom cursor pack that offers clean and monochromatic pointers for Windows. The pointers are gray and have a curved appearance, unlike most other cursors in our list.

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Mouse Pointer Download Windows 7


Apple’s macOS and Windows have always had the same relationship as Android and iOS. In both markets, Apple’s offering is considered to be more secure and locked down. In both markets, it is also way behind in terms of market share. What is not debatable though is the aesthetics of Apple’s operating systems. Whether it is macOS or iOS, even users who didn’t choose to go the Apple way are fascinated by just how nice macOS or iOS look. You can download the macOS cursors for Windows 10 from below and learn to install and apply them on your PC.

This is why you’ll find a ton of different themes and hacks to make Windows look like macOS. Apple’s focus on aesthetics is undeniable but it’s not for everyone. Prices do play an important role but there are other factors as well that make some people prefer Windows. Gaming is one of them, for example. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still secretly desire a Mac for its looks. If you do, there are many themes, icons, etc. that can help you emulate the look. It will still be windows and never really look the part but it’s worth trying.

An important aspect of making Windows look like macOS would be the cursors. Windows cursors are quite flat and boring while mac cursors are prettier and more animated. The cursors on both operating systems quite clearly define them. If you like the way the cursors look and behave on a Mac, you can get those Mac cursors on Windows. By using these 8 Windows 10 mouse tricks you can increase your productivity further.

Download macOS cursors for Windows 10

You can thank

Download Cursors (Windows)

Install Mac cursors on Windows 10

  • Download the Mac cursors on Windows from the link provided above.
    • On the page that opens up, click Clone or download and select Download ZIP.
  • Extract the zip file and navigate to the .windows folder inside.
  • Now right-click on the install.inf file and select Install.

Applying the cursors

To apply the cursors, go to Settings > Devices and click on Mouse in the left column. On the right, click on the Additional mouse options link.

In the MouseProperties window that opens, head to the Pointers tab and select Capitaine Cursors from the drop-down menu.

Click on Apply and OK to apply the changes and close the window. You should notice that your cursor changes as soon as you click Apply. If you don’t like the new theme and want to go back to the more visible, white Windows cursor, you can do this from here again by selecting Windows Default (system scheme). You can now enjoy macOS cursors on your Windows 10 PC. You should also learn how you can swap the right and left button on your mouse.

Mouse Pointer Download Free

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