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Are you still spending your valuable time getting to a remote computer because your mom can't solve the problem herself or a remote customer has no idea how to deal with a computer? It's time to find a better alternative!
Free PC remote control software is a unique solution which was developed especially for those users who need to have a fast, secure and at the same time easy way to gain access to their remote computers. Our solution allows you to control a remote PC no matter how far away it is located. A local network or the whole makes no difference for the program - you will still gain reliable access.
Remote Control PC displays the desktop of a remote PC on the screen of your local monitor and allows you to use your own mouse and keyboard to control that PC remotely. Furthermore, a built-in File Transfer feature enables you to exchange files between your computers. The data is encrypted with a hacker-proof solution and transferred with incredibly high speed. Thus you have no need to send photos to your sweetheart via e-mail, when you can pass all of them directly to his/her PC.
Due to the innovative technologies being enabled in free PC remote control software, a successful connection doesn't require the external IP address of the remote PC. Furthermore, dynamic IP addresses which were a real pain for users are not an obstacle any more. The program can establish a connection even without the use of an IP address. You won't believe it until you try it for yourself.
The software is absolutely free. Having tried the software once you will stay with it for the rest of your life!!!
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  2. Made For You 4 1 Remote Control Software Windows 10
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  2. You can replace any remote control, for that we need the codes from the remote control to be replaced. Remote control 4: 1 can be programmed to 4 different r.
  3. If you need to work from home, control, fix or access another computer from your Mac, we’ve taken a look at the very best remote desktop software for Mac in 2020. Remote desktop software is especially useful right now for those that are working remotely in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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7.5 MB

With Supremo you can supply technical support remotely without the need to configure firewalls and routers. Just a few click and you will controll the PC of your customer.

No installation is required and Supremo doesn’t tax your system with excessive loads. It’s an extremely light software.

Compatibile with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2003 R2, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Light and easy-to-use

Supremo is a free remote desktop software to provide remote assistance to customers. Supremo is constituted by only one executable file that is very small and doesn’t need any installation. In just a few clicks you will be able to provide – or receive – support through Supremo.

No router / firewall configuration

Supremo uses a powerful data transfer protocol that allows you to connect to remote computers behind routers and firewalls without any configuration. Supremo doesn’t need any installation or setup and its connection is extremely secure thanks to its integrated encryption.


Supremo allows multiple users to connect to the same computer. This can be very useful when you need to do complex assistance sessions or when you need to do an internet presentation. For example, your customers can connect at the same time to a computer in your company and see a presentation of your products and services.

Drag & Drop file transfer

Supremo provides an integrated file transfer application, that allows you to explore the disks of the remote computer and transfer files and folders in both directions. You can send a folder from your PC to the customer’s PC with a simple click, or you can download a file/folder from the customer’s PC to your local PC.

Security and protection

Supremo is a secure and reliable application. All the data transfered through the Internet is encrypted with the AES 256-bit algorithm. In addition a random 4-digits password is generated at every control session. It’s also possible to specify a much stronger password to protect your machine and block specified IDs.

A lot of useful features

Supremo provides a lot of useful features in order to simplify your job. You can install Supremo as a Windows service, to make the connection always available in background. Furthermore it includes an integrated chat application that allows you to chat with multiple users while you are connected for remote asissatance.

Business Proof

Supremo is ready to be adopted by companies and professionals: it encrypts data with the AES 256-bit algorithm and allows file transfers.


Supremo is free for personal use while the subscription of a plan is needed in order to control remote servers / PCs for commercial purposes. Discover our unbeatable offer.


What's New:

New Features

  • Introduced button allowing the quick switch of the monitors from the command bar
  • Introduced a brand new system for user feedback
  • Introduced a drop-down menu on the remote explorer of File Manager (to use “Rename” button it is necessary to update the remote machine)

Fixed Bugs

Pro Control Remote Software

  • Fixed bug that required double connection (Supremo client kept on waiting for authorization)
  • Fixed some annoying flashing of the user interface
  • Fixed issues with detection of trial during connection
  • Fixed several Access Violations and freezes of the application
  • Fixed some freezes with the Service installed on Windows Server machines

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Made For You 4 1 Remote Control Software Windows 10

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