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Q: 'How to download Spotify on LG Smart TV?' If you are Spotify music lover and a starter of LG Smart TV, you may come across this problem when trying to play Spotify playlist on LG TV in the living room or bedroom.

Lg Tv App Spotify

There is no doubt that Smart TV is becoming more and more popular these years. And the LG Smart TV is always a welcoming choice for many people. Its basic functions could satisfy almost all your needs for entertainment: playing playlists from your common-used streaming music app, watching online TV programs, playing games, etc.

Spotify Music Listen Free On Lg Tv

But sometimes the smart device may not as smart as it supposed to be. For example, if you would like to play Spotify music on LG TV, you have to become the premium subscriber first. That sounds unfair to the free users, right? Besides, according to the feedback from the communities of LG smart TV and Spotify, it seems that many users may get Spotify crashing on LG Smart TV from time to time.

Lg Tv App Spotify Playlists

Please don't worry. All the issues mentioned above will be completely solved in this article. Please check the next paragraph carefully.

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