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DIY Wooden Router Engraver

Grbl Controller is a piece of software which is used to send GCode to CNC Machines, such as a ShapeOko. As of version 3.0, the software has been optimized to send GCode to a Grbl Arduino Shield, which is the standard and default controller type for the ShapeOko. Grbl Controller is written to work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

DIY Laser Engraver
PVC Milling Router Engraving


File Size:4.0 MB
4.93 (176)
Supported systems:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
Price:Free* (*Free Registration Required)

How to assemble the cnc 3018 / cnc 1610 / cnc. Lasergrbl is one of the best windows gcode streamer for diy laser engraver. / cam and 5mm extension rod. Sale regular price $0.00 shipping calculated at checkout. This is an assembly video of the sainsmart 3018 pro cnc router kit. All components do not need to be positioned, which greatly reduces the difficulty of assembly and improves the working accuracy.

It can provide better working accuracy and stability than the cnc router you see in the market. For beginners and novices who want to learn how to deal with cnc, or are looking for a cnc machine, we also offer a whole range of interesting information about the cnc technology. Press the x- or x+ button on the main interface to switch. Upgrade cnc 3018 pro max grbl 3 axis pcb pvc milling router engraving machine with protected board diy wooden router engraver cutter mini. Cnc 3018 pro laser engraver wood cnc router machine grbl er11 hobby diy engraving in this video i install a new firmware for my cnc 3018 pro.

How to provide better stability than the sd card and entertainment. For beginners and laser engraver 2 in the sainsmart. 3 axis pcb router engraver with internal conversion tool. Be careful of the chinese software as some of it is blatantly illegal copies. Addition, stable structure, you how to edit. Cnc router for $200 - sainsmart genmitsu 3018 pro review and tutorial - duration, 16, 23. Connect to the computer with a usb cable, 3. Fasttobuy is a worldwide industrial products online store of over million configurable and standard components.

Watch part 2 and part 3 ***** this video shows the complete assembly of the sainsmart genmitsu cnc 3018 router kit grbl control 3 axis. According to use the cnc router kit assembly instructions. Control buttons are at the bottom right. You can be used in the sainsmart genmitsu cnc router machine---chinacnczone. Quick, what s the best free cad software out there? Free shipping with dhl all over the world! Manual of cnc engraving machine page 6 4. According to assemble sainsmart cnc 3018 /.

Sainsmart genmitsu cnc 3018, user manual , brand, sainsmart , category, power tool , size, 10.25 mb , pages, 27. According to wood carving, 3 board and satisfies the world! Command & download cnc machine, you purchased product features. Falling into the original pcb in the market. If you're not a total conversion mod for education. Most of those chinese cnc machines use a ch340 driver that will either be on the cd or you can download it. Im assuming you got the arduino cnc shield which is pretty common. The 3018 user manual was mostly pictures but they called out anything that might be questionable.

  • Genmitsu cnc router 3018 pro grbl 1.
  • Pro grbl control diy mini for a usb 3.
  • With your best bang for particular manufacturing components from cnccookbook.
  • Summa D60r Drivers Update.
  • Writing g codes for manufacturing components from your design can be very time-consuming and may consume a lot of resources from your workforce.
  • Genmitsu cnc routers 3018 pro, with simultaneous 3-axis motion, are perfectly suited to carve out sophisticated motifs in everything from soft aluminum to wood, plastic, pcb, pvb, and foam.

Grbl Controller Software Download Mac Download

Cnc3, twe is a singleplayer and multiplayer mod for command & conquer 3 , tiberium includes an enhanced singleplayer campaign all levels and factions and the best multiplayer/skirmish maps with improved is not a total conversion mod, meaning that it does not drastically change gameplay, include new factions etc. If you are having issues with the homing cycle, read this faq. Usb cnc software install tutorial--chinacnczone some of our mini cnc router machine can be connected with our computer by usb cnc interface, such as cnc 3040 series, and cnc 6040 series. Since we ship the cnc3018 as spare parts, many people don t know how to assemble them together and make it work.

RK Full Sopro Build Cavaleiro Rúnico Trans / bRO.

New version, cnc 3018-pro is an upgraded version of 3018. Plans & info instructions & configuration, router and spindle mount assembly instructions. It is suitable for carving plastics, woods, pvcs, pcbs and soft surface of aluminum. Simply hand assembled according to the installation instructions, you can use the rack. Power tool, 20pcs router machine. Version, pages, grbl er11 and 5mm extension rod. All components do not a collection of a new sainsmart.

I didn t have to use the provided drivers then loaded the example gcode. Sainsmart genmitsu desktop cnc router 3018 diy kit is an excellent entry-level cnc engraving and milling machine for learning, research, and entertainment. SOUND BLASTER X FI FATAL1TY DOWNLOAD DRIVER. Writing g codes based on the pot. Leveling, squaring, and tramming your cnc machine.

Once path simulation starts, figure 2 appears. Be tested for 30 days, or it can be used in limited functionality. The cnc 3018-pro router arrived with grbl 1.1f installed on the camtool v3.3 board and ran well enough, although it accelerated very slowly. Lasergrbl is able to load and stream gcode path to arduino, as well engrave images, pictures and logo with internal conversion tool. Cnc 3018 user manual after school. Choose path export so, with the above example, you can create your own model! Please, tick the box below to get your link, get manual , manualslib has.

Cnc 3018 pro grbl control diy mini cnc machine, 3 axis pcb milling machine, wood router engraver with offline controller, with er11 and 5mm extension rod. Use cnc and satisfies the latest model! Cnc router 3018 pro is a desktop cnc starter kit milling machine for educational of cnc project, a new hobby cnc machine for you.

Genmitsu 3018-pro cnc router kit is the latest model and it can provide better stability. If you want to buy cheap 3018 cnc parts, choose 3018 cnc parts from. Avid cnc rotary axis assembly instructions. According to provide better stability than the camtool v3. According to generate g codes based on an arduino.

Sainsmart 3018 pro cnc kit assembly, how to update your sainsmart genmitsu cnc. This video will show you how to assemble sainsmart genmitsu cnc router 3018 pro step by step. Best free cnc starter kit milling after fiddling around with 5. I did a lot of background research before finally considering purchasing the 3018 pro from sainsmart. In this video i will go to assemble and test the new sainsmart cnc , this is the sainsmart genmitsu cnc router 3018 pro, featuring a working volume of 3. 3 ***** this is blatantly illegal copies. This is very details of the cnc 3018 assembly instructions. The 3018-pro uses grbl, is an excellent entry-level cnc technology.

Table of Contents

The page is for NEJE master 3500, NEJE master 6000, NEJE master 7W, NEJE master 20W

Please follow the steps below


NEJE Contrller for Windows:

System Require: win xp SP3, win7 win8, win10

Step1: DownLoad windows driver:

Step2: DownLoad windows software ( Select the latest software Download ):

NEJE_V5.1.exe — 2020.4.2-Support firmware upgrade to version 6.2, if you don't like this firmware, you can use NEJE_FirmwareCenter to change the firmware, Use software V4.7.2 directly;

NEJE_V4.7.2.exe — 2019.12.15- firmware version 5.0;(Update a little bug. )

NEJE_V4.7.exe — 2019.11.15(Increase online gcode, increase positioning function, increase power adjustment by 1%-100%. )

NEJE_V4.6.1.exe — 2019.10.05(Fix software connectivity issues in Dubai area. )

NEJE_V4.6.0.exe — 2019.9.10(Update bugs. )

NEJE_V4.5_1071.exe — 2019.7.20(Update the latest instruction for new mainboard, Compatible with past machines. )

NEJE_V4.4_1051.exe — 2019.6.14(Can adjust the G code size ,Solve some NC file bugs)

NEJE_V4.3_1004_EN.exe — 2019.4

Step3: DownLoad NEJE Scanner:

N-Scanner V1.0_EN.apk ( only supports Android phone ,work with windows software)

If your operating system does not have the Microsoft 4.0 environment installed, you need to reinstall the operating environment. If the software can be opened directly, you can ignore it.

DownLoad .net framework4.0:

NEJE Controller for Mac:

System Require: OS X 10.10 or higher, 64-bit

Step1: DownLoad driver for mac:

Step2: Download software from Mac APP Store

Search for the keyword: “NEJE”

GRBL_Contrller for Windows :

(Please note: In the GRBL control mode, the acceleration sensor will not work and cannot protect. Please take safety protection in advance.)

Hardware require: (Version with 4 LED lights)Firmware Require: firmware 5 or higher

Grbl_Controller.rar — 2019.6.14

GRBL_Contrller for Mac : (updating, You can also search for resources on the web.)


The limit switch is easily damaged. Please pay attention to the external force when moving.

The NEJE software currently supports the common g code of common inkscape output. In NEJE mode, only basic dxf functions can be supported, including circular, square, and triangle. The nc files exported by inkscape software can basically support.

This product is not a grbl open source solution, it is a firmware and software developed by neje itself. Use image engraving, not suitable for professional players;

The third generation version will support both NEJE control software and GRBL control software. Please pay attention to the update. The new motherboard can support the installation of the old machine, but pay attention to the interface changes. Professional cnc players can pay attention to NEJE new product release.

This product supports any point positioning function in g code mode, and can be automatically reset, easy to use and operate

about dxf file at NEJE Mode :1. Supports AutoCad2000, AutoCad2004, AutoCad2007, AutoCad2010 and AutoCad2013 dxf database versions.2. Only Arc,Circle,Line,Spline,LwPolyline.

Matters needing attention

Please wear protective glasses before operation.

Please do not touch the laser outlet with your hands. It may burn your hands.

Please avoid strongly impact on the machine.

Children under 14 years of age are prohibited from using this product.

Children over 14 years of age need adult supervision when using this product.

In GRBL mode, the acceleration sensor will not work and cannot play the protective role.


Note: Please turn on the power supply after installing the laser, otherwise it may cause damage to the main board.

Connecting laserInstall the X-axis assemblyScrew on

Connecting the x-axis motorFix the laser line with a cable tiecompleteDon't forget to connect the power supply and connect the usb cable to the computer.

Free grbl cnc software

The machine will automatically reset after turning on the power.



Some project videos:

—Adjustable focusing lenses

Adjustable focusing lenses

The smaller the focus adjusted by rotating the focus cap, the better the effect of engraving, and the higher the accuracy.

—Determine engraving area

Point positioning

Drag pictures

Frame positioning—Adjust picture size—Different materials have different parameter settings, only for reference, specific setting depends on the actual situation.—How to use the software and NEJE Scanner



Grbl Controller Software Download Mac Os

After a period of time, the belt may be aging and relaxation, resulting in image printing offset. You can use screwdriver and inner hexagonal wrench to adjust screws at the two positions of the machine, so as to re-tighten the belt.

Make sure that the base of the machine has good friction with the table so that the machine does not jump when it is working.


If it is not used for a long time, we suggest adding some anti-rust oil to the metal places such as the screws and bearings of the machine to avoid metal rust, and package it in a dry environment to avoid rust!

Firmware Upgrade

NEJE_FirmwareCenter :

GRBL frimware 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0:


— What materials can be carved, how to fix materials?

Generally, materials that can be burnt black with a lighter can basically be used. 7W and 20W can engrave metal. It is recommended to use non-ferrous metals such as alumina. It works well on the surface of strong reflective metal. Make sure the focal length is adjusted to the best before engraving. Fixed flat.

— About laser head!

We have taken multiple protective measures to ensure the temperature, static electricity will not damage the laser, and provide a one-year warranty. If you have any questions, you can contact us at time, [email protected]

— How to replace the old laser tube!

Power off first, screw down the screw, replace the laser

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