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Steam Community has been one of the biggest digital marketing distributor platforms for more than a decade and is still regarded as the most trusted platform for purchasing and playing games. It was released in 2003 by Valve Corporation as a stage to publish the updates to their games on the internet. But now, it has emerged as the highest grossing third-party games distributor till date.

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Buying games on Steam, is really simple, as all you need to have is enough money in your Steam wallet. You can top-up your wallet by using various payment methods such as credit/debit cards and gift codes.

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  • Valid Sources For Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2020
But if you’re a free-to-play kinda guy and want to hunt down the perfect hack to get free Steam codes, you need to search no more. In this article, we are going to be pointing out a bunch of apps and websites from which you can gain free Steam codes with absolutely NO INVESTMENT!

Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator – THE TRUTH!!

If you’ve been desperate to find a so-called ‘generator’ to provide you with valid and legit free Steam codes, you’ve been walking the wrong path.

In fact, even I can write down any random 20-digit codes right before you and claim it to be Steam wallet codes worth a thousand dollars. Well, even if I do, and you believe me somehow, is the code really going to work? NO! It will never work because I paid a zero price to get it, and the game developers surely aren’t mad enough to expose their valuable gift codes to the world for free. Many video creators have published content on sites such as YouTube with tags such as ‘Steam code generator no survey’ just to earn more views by using click bait.

We have created a demo version of such fake and delusional Steam codes generator exclusively for the readers. We have carefully highlighted all moments at which the website or app developer might have tricked you using their aptitude.

Note: This demo generator function will create codes just for educational purposes, by trying this generators you will learn to identify how these fake generators generate random codes which does not work, therefore we don’t possess the irrelevancy of the codes mentioned here. And we encourage our users to identify and stay away from such false generators available online.

Generator Example Coming Soon!!

How To Get Free Steam Accounts With Games

The major risk factors regarding the use of such unlawful methods are:-

Free Steam Accounts With Games 2018

  • Any of your personal credentials, if entered, may be sold to various advertising and marketing agencies, which may lead to a huge data breach.
  • You may get redirected to harmful or inappropriate websites, as a part of answering surveys and collecting offers.
  • If they misuse your Stream account’s data, on the other hand, you may get permanently banned, and your hard-earned position in the games would fade away in an instant.

Valid Sources For Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2020


It’s a totally free platform to play video games and complete different tasks included in them, along with various other tasks across the internet. This way, you can earn bananas (the points system). Once you have collected enough of these bananas, you can purchase free Steam cards in no time. Also, it’s been a trusted and authorized distributor of free Steam gift cards, if you had a concern with that.

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Some important features about Bananatic that we’d like to highlight are:

(i) There are no conspiring human verifications or surveys popping out of nowhere. All you need to do is play video games based on a broad number of categories, to earn valid gift cards.

(ii) It doesn’t ask for any private information, only a working e-mail ID should do the task of signing up.

(iii) You will receive the gift code bought, directly to the registered e-mail ID thus, avoiding any bigger hassles.


Points2Shop is a cool little website through which you can earn rewards by watching videos and completing various simple tasks. There is an option for you to fill up quite a few surveys, but you’re not at all forced in doing so and can choose any other method for earning points.

The facts that we would like to highlight regarding Points2Shop are:

(i) The sign-up process is extremely simple and transparent. It requires you to enter a preferred username, along with your e-mail ID and a new password for the new account. The most exciting feature here is that you can also log in using your Facebook account, which makes it handy for a large number of users.

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(ii) For every ad, of duration 30s to 2mins, that you watch, you get 1 point.

(iii) The points redeeming process is exquisitely simple. You can simply go to the Store and buy any value worth of free Steam codes using the gathered points.

(iv) The conversion rate is around 1 Point = 1 cent.

(v) There’s also an option for affiliate marketing, under which you can refer a bunch of products on this site to your friends, to earn extra coins.



TreasureTrooper is another GPT (get paid to click) website in which you get to earn rewards through earning points and claiming rewards. Most of the other GPT websites seem to be pretty dull and boring in terms of their presentation, but this one has a customised wildlife theme to it, which adds an extra essence to it. Also, recently it has been gifting all its new users with $1 on just signing up to the platform.

Let’s look at some important mentions on this website:

(i) The tasks on this website range from completing and signing up to various offers, to completing paid and totally legit surveys. There is over $3000 worth of earnings only within the offers section.

(ii) You can also play mini-games and trivia in order to earn gold coins, which can be further exchanged for free Steam codes. The revenue collected here comes from the different ads shown in between the gameplay.

(iii) You get an extra bonus of 20% of your daily earning by referring the website to at least one friend daily (they should sign up to the website using your referral code and a valid e-mail ID).

(iv) You can easily top off $5-$6 worth of rewards a day if you work for 4-5 Hrs. That’s really valuable if you’ve been searching for a GPT website that pays you well.

Disclaimer: Although TreasureTrooper is a reputed website, due to the recent updates on the platform there have been arising a few problems in redeeming the in-game points. Such occurrences can be explained only by the site developers, and we have absolutely nothing to comment on it.


If you’re someone looking forward to earning free Steam codes more often, then InstaGC serves your purpose astonishingly well. It has an A+ rating posted by the Better Business Bureau. They’ve been in this field of services for almost 12 years, and no matter where you reside and what you do, this website provides you with the most proficient rewards ever.

Some exciting features offered by InstaGC are:

(i) You will receive perks and bonuses just for logging in daily and staying active on the site.

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(ii) There are several options to earn points: watch videos, fill out highly paid surveys, sign up to offers, install apps and games, etc. You are free to use any method as per your preferences.

(iii) On collecting sufficient points, you can redeem them into free-of-cost and totally legit gift cards.

5. APPNANA (for Android/iOS)

Having discussed GPT websites, we now come to mobile platforms. As the owner of an Android/iOS smartphone, you can make the best use of your time and device to earn free Steam codes within days.

When it comes to portability, apps like Appnana top the chart. The one and only task that you’ve got to accomplish is to play various categories of games available within the app.

(i) You can earn the in-game currency called nanas by playing video games regularly.

(ii) You can also refer your friends to sign up to Appnana and receive extra points as a bonus.

(iii) The nanas can be redeemed as Steam gift card codes, by visiting the in-game store.

6. APPBOUNTY (for Android/iOS)

With compatibility in over 15 countries (as mentioned on, Appbounty serves an excellent way of earning free Steam codes through completing numerous offers.

A few highlights of Appbounty are:

(i) Most of the in-app offers are just to download and sign up to various apps or create an account in trusted websites.

(ii) The points rewarded can be redeemed anytime in terms of cash, or gift cards. Since we’re interested only in free Steam codes, we are gonna be selecting Steam from the rewards store.

(iii) You can also earn a good amount of bonus points by referring the app to our friends, who also need to sign up to it using your referral link.


Although all the various processes to earn free Steam codes mentioned above, have been thoroughly verified by our team, all of them require enough time and patience to earn you the desired rewards. After all, you can’t wake up someday and be like I want to become a millionaire just by surfing the internet.

Hi, we’re back with an account. Free Steam Accounts (With Games) 2020 In this article we will do our best to account for visitors as much as we can because free gaming steam accounts come in many requests. You know that we are constantly sharing game accounts and free accounts of popular sites and promotional codes for you for our valuable visitors. Let’s start sharing these accounts below.

Free Steam Accounts With Games 2020

Free Steam Accounts (With Games) 2020

Most of these steam accounts certainly belong to us. So we strongly ask that it not be shared elsewhere. With the majority of these accounts owned by us, we compile and share some of the working steam accounts shared on social media for you on our site. Shared accounts in this Internet environment are usually gaming steam accounts and are available in popular games such as PUBG, CS GO Prime, Fortinite or even some accounts such as Forza,

ETS. Some of these accounts may not work at all and may give errors. This is because these accounts are used instantly as soon as we share them. Please do not change the password when you receive these accounts.

If you change the password of the account you receive through our site, we will make ourselves the old password of these accounts and continue to share it again on our site. Let’s continue to share Steam accounts immediately.

Free Steam Accounts 2020

ozantatar211 ozi054452359121
shipgoal cocostars_
vidamarvada dan34551899
robertocieslak cieslak
selal_638 911207
pattuzzo junior080286
victorfjg janne2013
nerocastle sectusempra
bulbuljack 136728094
hataylyceroo serom++209
markeu alanis1674
israelfilho3 lifefantasi23
ajino23 23071990
claudiogarcia2 japao# # 123
wanderson22000 260198
maikofsouza Goleirobom1
verianonacif bandalaser
hasan_sabbah310 0244562219
corumlumuratalp Alp71muro
servanhexlo hexlos371
agab21 kekecim210
horansandres Qw1234567
channelim chenvegen**
fotosandmotos83 Zencimurato
beyazenci771 negroimusa771

Many of these accounts are available in a lot of games. Please do not transfer games from these accounts to other accounts. We share the games on these accounts for you. At the same time, we are making and will continue to share on the request of the intense.

Free Steam Accounts With Games 2018

Free Free Steam Accounts

These accounts that we share for you can definitely say that there are no guardless Steam accounts. A lot of people get the accounts from our site to guard is immediately attached to verify. Don’t worry we thought about it and all these accounts on our site are unsecured accounts. So you will definitely not encounter guard when you log in after receiving these accounts. We have taken all necessary precautions for you and you can enjoy and enjoy the games right away.

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