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Passwords and codes generators for car radio-cassette and car CD players
(car radio-cassette and car CD players decoding)

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If you changed the car battery or your car had some electrical problems, it is likely that car radio cassette or car radio CD player to get locked and ask for a password or code to unlock.

If you don’t have the right code, provided with the cd player or radio cassette player, do not try to guess the code, because you can get your car player locked forever.

Is highly recommended to contact your auto dealer or brand representative and ask them for the unlock code. If you provide them the necessary data, they will give you the unlock code.

Flash memory readers, codes generators for various car radio-cassette and car CD players:


– blaupunkt SC202 nou (1991-1992).exe

– blaupunkt SC202 vechi (pana la anul 1991).exe

– Blaupunkt OPEL SC202B.rar

– Blaupunkt Peugeot T1 Code Viewer.exe

– Blaupunkt Calculator 1.0.exe

– blaupunkt CAR300.exe

– bp calc.rar

– BPFiat Alfa Peug Calc.exe

– BP code calc.exe

– opel blaupcitrcalc.rar

– BP calc by aleksandar alex.rar

G Army Erc Codes

– bp code calculator.rar

– BPcalc.exe

– Kalkulator Blaupunkt alfa fiat.rar

– Blaupunkt Peugeot T1Code Viewer.rar

– Blaupunkt Veglia Calculator.exe


– hyunday code generator


– clarion code calc by samhel.rar

– Clarioncalc.rar


– Philips CAR400.rar

– PHILIPS 22DC679-62675-52.rar

– Grund_Philips.rar

– Philips Ccr600 CAR400 MK1.rar

– Car radio eeprom code reader v1.10 Aphilips calc bySamhel.rar


– PANASONIC code calculator.rar


– VW code calculator v11.0.rar


– DaewooCodeCalc.exe


– VOLVO CR705-101.rar

– VOLVOCR905-100.rar

Erc Code Calculator

– Volvo CR-705 Code Calculator11.01.rar


Free Erc Unlock Codes

– Grundig Code Seeker.exe


– Grundig WKC Series Code Calculator 4.00 by stef no1.exe

– Grundig SC303D.EXE

– Grundig serial code calculator v0.10.exe

– GRUNDIG Code Calculator.exe


– FordMserialcalc.exe

– NowyFord.rar

– FordLC.exe

– Ford M serial calc.rar

– TMS Code Calculator v1.2.exe

– ford calc.rar

– Ford Old.rar

– Ford ACL v1.1.exe



– AUDI VW calculator.rar

– Audi-VWCalculator.exe


Becker calc B95digits.exe

– Becker 4DIGIT calculator.exe

– Becker byElcar.exe


– More Becker.rar

– becker serial B4.exe

– Becker code calculator.exe

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Erc Codes For Maintenance

  • Download the software in your Computer
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  • Get the .Scr file from the CL_SCODE folder from your radio [ If you find difficulties to get the file you may take help from our support team for assistance]
  • Put the file in the software
  • Get the four digit unlock code password at once
  • You can get 10000+ unlock code from the software
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