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Deezer Premium Apk is one of the most-used apps for those who want to enjoy the best and high-quality music on their smartphone for free. And if you are looking for the Deezer Downloader Apk or the mod version of the app, then you have landed on the right place because here on this blog you can find the links to all the apps and games which you should know.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get the Deezer Premium service for free. Step 1: First visit the Deezer website. Once you are on the website, you will be able to see an option for ‘Sign Up’ on the top right hand corner of your screen. How to Get Deezer Premium For Free (Unlimited Time)!! Like and sub and share if that helps:) fake it link: sms receiver link: ht.

Music has been the need for humans from the start of the human civilizations, we have used a lot of different kind of instruments for listening to music because it pleases our mind and soul. In the incident times, people used to hire the singers and the full teams to enjoy their favorite music but now the time has changed, and the technology has changed the things.

Now there are a lot of services available which we can use for listening to the music we love the most popular one is YouTube, Vimeo and thousands of others and one such app is Deezer.

Deezer provides high-quality music to its users, and if you want to get the most out of it, then you should consider installing the Deezer Premium Apk on your Android device. And if you don’t know where to download it then don’t worry I will give you its download links along with its features and step by step guides.

  1. When setting up Deezer, open the Deezer app on your watch to see your activation code. If the activation code doesn’t appear: Make sure the device you have paired with your watch is nearby with Bluetooth turned on. If the code still doesn’t appear, press the back button on your watch and then open the Deezer.
  2. Deezer premium and Deezer premium plus are the paid subscriptions that are offered by the company to lure in the users. The free account comes without any commitment and therefore the overall subscription fee that the user has to pay at the end of the month is $0.

Information About Deezer Premium

Deezer Premium is the very great thing for those who want to get most out of the Deezer Music app because there are a lot of things which the premium version supports like unlimited skips and much more. But before you download the application on your Android device you should know the important things about the premium apk version which I have described below in full details.

Price0 USD
Size24.61 MB
Last UpdatedMay 25, 2018
CategoryMusic & Audio
Android RequiredVaries with device
RootNot Required
No. of Downloads1,472,532

Features of Deezer Premium Apk

Deezer Premium Apk is full of impressive features that is why they sell it too much expensive but no worries I will give you it’s download links and will also guide you how can you use and install it. But for now, I am going to describe a few essential features of the premium version of the Deezer which will help you to sort out the things.

Moreover, I am not going to describe everything as there is a huge list of the features of the premium version of the app you will get familiar with them once you started using it.

  • Use flow to discover even more personalized music and soundtrack.
  • Search the songs and music with the best filters for excellent results.
  • Share any track or part of the audio or even whole album in a few taps.
  • There are more then 43 Million tracks all are waiting for you.
  • Create a playlist and manage them with Deezer Premium Apk you can get more features.
  • The premium users are also able to download music for offline use.
  • See amazing animations on the screen to increase the interest in soundtracks.
  • Subscribe to channels or artists for the latest songs notifications.
  • Explorer even more things like podcast and audiobooks easily.
  • Listen to the radio on the Go while they are living.
  • Bookmark a song or music for your ease and simplicity.
  • Enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted music scroll all your devices.
  • No ads mean simplicity and easy to handle application.
  • E handed audio quality with 320 KB/s speed for a better base.
  • Enjoy Deezer family with the Deezer Premium App.

Download Deezer Premium Apk

Listening to interrupted music is very painful especially when we are free and want to get peace of mind. As such conditions using the free version of the Deezer will be a problem for you. And today in this blog post I will give you the download links to the latest version of the Deezer Premium Plus Apk which you can just download on your smartphone and can start using it right now.

However, if you are worried that how will you install it on your Android device then don’t worry because I will also help you with the step by step procedure on installing the apk file on your smartphone in a few clicks.

Final Thoughts of Deezer Premium

I hope that you have enjoyed the premium version of the application and are now willing to install it too on your smartphone. However, if you find anything unusual or there is something wrong with the application then you can ask us using the contact page or by dropping a comment below.

Important FAQs

Below are the answers to some of the most important FAQs that our users ask us.

What is Deezloader Premium APK?

Deezloader Premium is the Pro version of the same application with a lot more features that are mentioned above. Using it you can do a number of tasks that normal Deezloader application don’t allow the users to do.

How to Download Deezloader Premium APK?

To download the Premium app you have to click on the download button given above. You can download it by going to our download page.

How Much Do I Need To Pay for Pro Version?

The Pro version is paid and costs around $4.99/Month but as you are going to download it from our site so it will be absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything.

5 Ways to Download Music from Deezer Server for Free [High Quality]

If you want to listen to songs from Deezer offline without the Deezer app or paid subscription, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you 5 different ways to download Deezer music for free, no paid subscription required.

I have read a few articles talking about downloading music from Deezer, but none of them are actually downloading from Deezer. They are just recording the Deezer music, which means the quality is low and you need to spend more time downloading a song than its duration time.

All these 5 methods that I am about to show you are to download music directly from Deezer’s server, so you can choose to download 320 kbps MP3 or download 1441kbps FLAC music from Deezer. Whether you use iPhone, Android phone, Mac, or Windows PC, you will find a perfect solution here.

Method 1: Download Deezer music with Siri Shortcuts

If you are using an iOS device, then this method works best for you. You probably have heard of Siri Shortcuts, which was launched on WWDC 2018. Well, the Shortcuts app is only available in iOS 12 or above. If you don’t update to iOS 12, check the last method for iOS devices.

Shortcuts app is free to download and use from AppStore. Once installed, you can get this shortcut Deezer ++ (Newly updated for iOS 13) by opening this link in Safari. Then you will be asked to select the music quality to download music. You can select MP3 or FLAC.

After that, you can simply run this shortcut and input a song name or keyword to download music on your iPhone. You can also copy a Deezer song link, album link or playlist link and run this shortcut to download music directly.

You can refer to this video above to see how it works. As you can see Shortcuts is very powerful. If you want to explore more about Shortcuts, here are other 5 shortcuts to download music on iPhone.

As for now, Shortcuts app does not work well in the background. You need to run Shortcuts in the front to ensure smooth downloading. When you try to download a playlist, it is recommended to use the next method.

Method 2: Download any song, playlist, or album from Deezer to PC or Mac

There is open source software Deezloader Remix dedicated to downloading music from Deezer. This tool is available in Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Like the previous method, Deezloader also allows you to download songs, albums, and playlists.

Once you get it installed, you need to log in with your Deezer userToken. You can follow the steps below to get the userToken.

SteP 1. Go to and log into your account.

Step 2. Right-click and select Inspect to open up Developer Tools.

Step 3. Click on Application and click on Cookie under the Application tab.

Step 4. Select “” and find the “arl” cookie (It should be 192 chars long).

The user interface is pretty straightforward. Once logged in, you should know how to download music. You can also change the settings to decide how to save the download music file.

However, Deezer has changed something and Deeloader Remix can only download music in 128kbps MP3. Since Deezloader Remix is now discontinued, so no updates. Fortunately, you can use open source alternatives like Deemix, D-fi, etc. You can check this embeded video below to see how to use Deemix to download music from Deezer.

Method 3: Download Deezer songs to MP3 or FLAC on Android

If you want to download Deezer music to Android phone, there is also an Android version of Deezloader. However, the web page has been taken down by DMCA. Luckily, you can still find the APK download link from Telegram Deezloader channel. You still need to use your userToken to log in. Once set up, you can use it to download as many songs as you like.

You download Deezer Music APK and create your nice playlist from Deezer. Then use the Deezloader app on Android to download the entire playlist.

Method 4: Free download Deezer songs online

No matter what device you use, you can use this method to download high-quality music from Deezer because it is an online service. Just get to this website and you can input any song name to search the results.

Before you download the song, you can also listen to it if needed. You can listen to 30 seconds as you do in Deezer free plan. It also allows you to choose to download music to MP3 or FLAC. Well, you will see some ads on this website, but it not that annoying kind.

Free activation code on deezer app

Method 5: Download Deezer Music to MP3 with Telegram Bot

Whether you are on Android or iOS, you can use this method to download high-quality music from Deezer as long as you have Telegram. In case you don’t, you can free download it from Appstore or Play Store.

Once you have Telegram on your smartphone or mobile tablet, you can search for “music hunters” and get that Music Hunters bot. From the bot dialogue, then you can type “/start” to get started. you can search an album or search any track to download.

You can also refer to the video below to see how it works. The downloaded music will be saved as MP3 (320kbps) and there is no settings to change that to FLAC. You can also check this post to get more Music Hunters alternative bots to download music with Telegram Bots.

Bonus: Download and convert Deezer music to any format

Free Activation Code On Deezer Premium

Allavsoft is media downloader software that can also be used to download lossless music from Deezer. In the meantime, it allows you to convert the music to Apple Lossless, MP3, AAC, etc. If you want to import high-quality Deezer tracks to iTunes or iPod, this software is perfect.

Deezer Activation Code

In addition to Deezer, Allavsoft also allows you to batch download video, music files, and subtitles from YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, Udemy, Lynda, Facebook, and more than 1000 websites. With Allavsoft, you don’t need any other downloader tools because this one tool can download them all.

Free Activation Code On Deezer Account

If you need one downloader tool, then you are luckily because there is a limited time offer that allows you to get Allavsoft lifetime license key with 30% off. If you are a Mac user, then use this link.

Deezer Promo Code Free


That’s all the 5 methods of downloading music from Deezer. All the methods allow you to download music directly from Deezer server. You can choose to download music as FLAC or MP3.

If you just want a tool to download music from Deezer, the Deezloader works great. For me, I like Allavsoft because it also allows me to set the output format as Apple Loss so I can import them to my iPhone and iPod. More importantly, I can uninstall all the other media downloader tools.

Now it is your turn, which method are you going to try first? Let me know if there is any problem.

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