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Well, with its appropriate price and powerful functions, this Spotify music converter is really worth buying. I can now listen to my favorite Spotify music on any device at any time, I'll always be grateful.

Download favorite music tracks from Spotify™, Deezer™, Soundcloud™ and others musical resources just in one click. Will it be one audio file or you want to download all audios from the page, with our product you can do it with one click.

This is the best music converter I have ever used! With its simple guides and straightforward interface, I can download and convert all my Spotify playlist which contains over 500 songs in it by only a few steps.

  • Note: It’s not possible to download albums or podcasts in the desktop app. Go to the playlist you want to download. Switch Download on. A green arrow indicates the download was successful. Set the app to Offline Mode. Note: In Offline Mode, you can only play music you’ve downloaded.
  • Either search the song, artist or album you want or paste Spotify URL of the songs or playlist you want to get them downloaded; You will get the music you want after searching, just click Download to start downloading Spotify music.

I wanted to add my favorite Spotify music songs to my vlog videos when I was using Adobe premiere, but it didn't work. And I found that I couldn't use Spotify music directly because of its protected file format. But luckily, I found this converter and it help me solve my problem.

I have successfully downloaded 10+ playlists of mine. Thanks to this fabulous converter, I can now help my parents to listen to Spotify music songs on their home CD player because they only know how to listen to music with CDs. Thank you.

I can also play songs in my favorite mode now, I am tired of shuffle mode. And you know ads are annoying when using Spotify Free. With this program, there are no more Ads now. You guys should take a serious look at this amazing program.

Just wanna say thanks again for your amazing program! Before I found this converter, I could only listen to my Spotify music on my mobile phone and computer, but now, I can enjoy Spotify music on my MP3 player. Appreciate it greatly!

Spotify and SoundCloud are two of biggest and most popular music streaming services today, but they are distinct in some aspects, just like Netflix different from YouTube. Spotify generally works with the major record labels and distributors to get officially licensed music into it’s system. SoundCloud lets anyone upload their own music (just like the way that users upload videos to YouTube), and a lot of artist (famous or not) can post the remixes and originals. It is has nearly 175 million tracks and you will find some tracks that you can not find on Spotify and other platforms.

As an avid music lover, we usually use these 2 platforms together to catering different music tastes. If you want to integrate SoundCloud music or playlist to Spotify library, or if you want to move service from SoundCloud to Spotify, you are allowed to transfer SoundCloud music or playlist to Spotify library. There are many online services to let you transfer playlist between SoundCloud and Spotify, but today we would like to introduce a way we often used.

Part 1: Free Download SoundCloud Music to MP3 with Any Video Converter

Part 2: Import SoundCloud Music or Playlist to Spotify Library

Part 1: Free Download SoundCloud Music to MP3 with Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is regarded as one of the best online video (music included) downloader which is capable of free downloading HD videos and music files from YouTube, SoundCloud, VEVO, Vimeo, Howcast and other 100+ sites. Here we will show you how to use Any Video Converter to download SoundCloud music or playlist to MP3 for free!


Step 1Run Any Video Converter Free

Install Any Video Converter Free on your computer and run this freeware.

Download Spotify Playlist To Computer

Step 2 Add SoundCloud Music or Playlist

Open SoundCloud site on Chrome or Firefox browser and find the music or playlist you want to download. Then click 'Share' icon and a pop-up window will be shown to indicate you copying the song or playlist link.

Then click 'Add URL(s)' button to add SoundCloud song or playlist. A new window will be shown you can click button to paste the song or playlist link. Or you can drag & drop a song or playlist from SoundCloud to the adding window directly.

Step 3 Start Downloading SoundCloud Music

Now click on 'Start Download' button to start downloading SoundClound music or playlist, and you can continue to add more songs or playlists to download SoundCloud music in batch.

Step 4 Check Download History

After the downloading process completed, you can right-click the track and select 'Open Source File Location' to find the well downloaded SoundCloud music or playlist in a folder named 'SoundCloud', and the default output format is .mp3.

If you want other output format, you can use Any Video Converter Free to convert SoundCloud music to other popular format like AAC, FLAC, WAV, OGG, APE and more.

Part 2: Import SoundCloud Music or Playlist to Spotify Library

With Any Video Converter Free, you will get MP3 copies of SoundCloud music. The output audio will be stored on local directory, and you can launch Spotify app on computer and start importing SoundCloud music or playlist from local folder to Spotify.

Step 1 Go to 'Preferences' Tab

Windows user can find it under icon and select it under 'Edit'. Mac users can find it under 'Spotify'.

Step 2 Add SoundCloud Music Folder to Spotify

Scroll down to 'Local File' section and click 'ADD A SOURCE' to select SoundCloud folder and click 'OK' to start importing SoundCloud music to Spotify.

Step 3Find the Imported SoundCloud Music on Spotify

The whole folder will be added to Spotify library immediately. You will find them by clicking 'Local Files' tab on the right panel. If you like, you can create a new playlist and add the SoundCloud music to playlist.

More Tips: Download Spotify Music or Playlist to Computer without Premium

How to Download Spotify Music or Playlist to Computer without Premium

There are abundant ways you can try on if you wish to download Spotify music to MP3 or other plain format on your computer, among which Sidify Music Converter is a professional and unique Spotify Music Downloader and speedy converter, that assists you to directly download Spotify music to computer with great output audio quality and 5x faster speed.

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