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Download Bully Anniversary Edition APK + OBB Bully Anniversary Edition MOD. Rockstar has distributed this game for Android clients on the Google Play Store. On the off chance that you are eager to download this game, you need to open Google Play Store. In any case, this game isn’t free. You need to pay cash to purchase this game. Cache games Bully: Anniversary Edition: unzip the archive into a folder of /sdcard/Android/obb/ Download Bully: Anniversary Edition: DOWNLOAD APK v1.0.0.19 (43.2 Mb). Download Game Bully Android Apk No Data/OBB For Android Ukuran Kecil – Game Bully Android adalah game bergenre petualangan yang di rilis oleh Rockstar Vancouver tepat pada tahun 2006. Game ini mencertikan seorang murid yang bernama James Jimmi Hopkins, remaja nakal dan seorang anak yatim piatu yang telah di usir dari beberapa sekolah lamanya. How to Download Bully Apk Data. For how to download the Android Bully free, you can choose the two files above, but you have to download the two files. The apk file functions as an install to hold data from the obb file, and the obb file will contain assets from the game, so you have to download the two files. Follow the steps below.

Full Game Download: 1)Extract the file using Zarchiver (open zarchiverClick on fileClick On extract here).You will Get a Folder which contains one 2 file (APK and OBB) 3)Install apk file 4)Move Obb File to (Device StorageAndroidOBB.Paste inside obb folder) 5)Open Game and Enjoy.

Download Game Bully Apk Data For Android

Bully is an action-adventure, free roam game first published by Rockstar Games on PlayStation2 in 2006, and adapted to Android and iOS in December 2016. The game is somewhat like GTA (Grand Theft Auto) — the most popular game from Rockstar — but has its distinct differences. Instead of going on missions that involve stealing of cars in GTA, Bully is about a bully himself trying to conquer other big bullies in his new school and in the long run establish himself as the leader of all. We are happy to Bully Anniversary Edition apk data + obb mod unlimited money is available for download.

The story of the game takes place in a private boarding school called Bullworth Academy located in a fictitious town called Bullworth. In the game, a 15-old-year old James “Jimmy” Hopkins, who has been expelled from seven previous schools for been a bully, was enrolled in the school. On admission into the school, which was full of bullies like him, Jimmy fought his way through school cabals, including the Bullies, Nerds, Preppies, Greasers, and Jock archetypes.

Download bully apk data obb android

Players of this game are expected to complete missions–majorly within the school. Offensive weapons in the game include using melee attack, slingshot, and sparkler, against antagonists. Jimmy navigates Bullworth by walking, running, swimming, and skating on skateboard. When he leaves school for other part of the town, he can take a bus, from bus station in the town, back to school. Should Jimmy’s health denegrates, he will need to take sodas to refill his health meter.

Other things Jimmy can do while not on mission include attending classes where he will learn subjects such as English, Chemistry and Biology. In the English class, he will learn how to apologize for breaking school rules; in the Chemistry class, he will learn how to make firecrackers and stink bombs, which are needed as part of weapons to complete missions; and in the Biology class, he will be dissecting frogs and doing other biological practicals.

Bully makes players have a virtual experience of being a student in a school, but not just an ordinary student, a bully determined to conquer and unite warring groups in his school.

Download Bully Lite Apk+data For Android

Bully Anniversary Edition APK Data + Obb Mod Unlimited Money Info

Download Bully Apk Data Obb Android

Requirement: Android 4.0 and up


Mode: Offline

Download Link: Click Here

Download Bully Apk Android


  • Install Bully APK.
  • Extract Data folder and place in SDCard/Android/obb/.
  • Launch APK to play game

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