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ESN means Electronic Serial Number and is 11 digits containing both numbers and letters. If you're switching to Verizon and you want to keep your device, you'll need to provide the IMEI or MEID. Verizon doesn't require the ESN when activating a device on our network. Originally Posted by gorgans ffmv8za0hyfk please convert thanks imei: 07925 meid: 0792 sn: Ffmv8za0hyfk Serial To IMEI Convert Service (FREE HERE) - Page 27 - GSM-Forum Welcome to the GSM-Forum forums. MEID is a form of ESN (Electronic Serial Number). MEID numbers often have multiple formats, MEID HEX and MEID DEC. The HEX value is a mix of letters and numbers and the DEC value is all numbers. When an MEID is request, Swappa generally uses and asks for the MEID HEX, which looks something like this: A10D.

How to convert serial number to date in Excel?

Sometimes, when you apply some formulas or format the cell as number format, you will get a serial number such as 42088 instead of the normal date 3/25/2015. For converting these serial number to real date, the following methods in this article will help you.

Convert serial number to date with Format Cells function
Convert serial number to date with formula
Quickly convert serial number to date with Kutools for Excel

Convert serial number to date with Format Cells function

The Format Cells function can help you easily convert serial number to date in Excel.

1. Select the cells with serial number that you want to convert to date, right click and then select Format Cells from the right-clicking menu. See screenshot:

2. In the Format Cells dialog box, please go to the Number tab, click Date in the Category box, and if you need, specify a date format in the Type box, and finally click the OK button. See screenshot:

Then the selected cells with serial numbers are converted to dates immediately.

Convert serial number to date with formula

You can also convert serial number to date with formula in Excel. Please do as follows.

1. Select a blank cell (says cell B2) adjacent to the serial number cell you need to convert to date, then enter formula =TEXT(A2,'m/d/yyyy') into the Formula Bar, and press the Enter key.

2. Keep selecting cell B2, then drag its Fill Handle to the cell with the serial number you need to convert to date. Then you can see all serial numbers are converted to corresponding dates in a helper column.

Convert serial number to date with Kutools for Excel

Besides the above two methods, The Apply Date Formatting utility of Kutools for Excel can not only help you converting serial numbers to dates, but providing various date formatting for you to use.


Before applying Kutools for Excel, please download and install it firstly.

1. Select the cells with serial numbers you need to convert to date, then click Kutools > Format > Apply Date Formatting. See screenshot:

2. And in the Apply Date Formatting dialog box, choose a kind of date format from the Date formatting box, and finally click the OK button.

You can see the selected cells with serial numbers are converted to specific date format immediately.

If you want to have a free trial ( 30-day) of this utility, please click to download it, and then go to apply the operation according above steps.

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