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With 2020 just around the corner, it's time to look back at all the music and podcasts you listened to over the past year. Spotify is bringing back its Wrapped playlist, which gives listeners an easy way to check out what jams, genres, and more they tuned into the most, as well as new statistics showing you what you've been tuning into over the past decade. Here's how to get your Spotify Wrapped 2019 playlist if you're ready to re-discover all of your favorite bops.

Your most played tracks and artists on Spotify of the last four weeks, six months or all time!

If you tuned in last year to check out the most streamed songs, playlists, artists, podcasts, and more you listened to in 2018, you might remember that you could access Wrapped on the desktop version of Spotify. This year, the streaming giant is making it easier than ever to access this information by bringing these insights to the Spotify app (which is available on mobile and tablet) for the very first time on Dec. 5. All you have to do is open your Spotify app and click the 2019 Wrapped prompt on your home page. Listeners can also check out the information on Spotify's website at

The company is also making it easier to share your own personal insights — like how many minutes of music you jammed out to or how many songs you liked this past year — with your friends and followers on social media. Brand new 'share cards' with all sorts of fun information about your listening habits are now available to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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Considering that we're almost ready to bid adieu to the 2010s, Spotify also introduced 'My Decade Wrapped,' which shows users what bops they were belting out in the shower and other chart-toppers from the past 10 years. That info is right in the 2019 Wrapped feature, so you don't have to go nuts looking for it.

Spotify also looked at the last decade in general, and Drake came out on top as the Most Globally Streamed Artist of the Decade. 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran took No. 1 for the Most Globally Streamed Track of the Decade. If you're curious at all about what songs, albums, artists, and podcasts that people were tuning in to the most over the past decade, Spotify is the place to go to learn it all.

With more than 100 million users and over one billion hours of monthly listening, Spotify helps artists reach legions of music fans all over the world.

You can now view and track your Spotify analytics using Spotify for Artists, a service which offers bands and musicians the chance to get know their audience better. Read on to discover how Spotify for Artists' useful Spotify analytics and fan insights to help you understand the behaviour and habits of your listeners.

If you’re an artist with music on Spotify, Spotify for Artists provides some fantastic tools to give you a deeper understanding of who is listening to your music on this huge streaming platform.

You can click here to request access to your Spotify analytics and start discovering more about your audience straight away. Here's an overview of the information you’ll be able to access:

Your monthly/daily listeners

Your monthly and daily Spotify listeners are tracked using a helpful graph, so you can see the impact your music is having on your audience over different timescales. You can also track the number of new fans you have acquired over time, so you can see when any spikes in your followers occurred.

You can also compare your listener and fan statistics to any other artist on Spotify. Simply type their name into the ‘Compare to’ box to see their stats alongside your own.

Fan engagement analytics

Information about your fan engagement is also available through your Spotify analytics, including how many of your current fans were included in your monthly listeners.

Other details featured on your Fan Engagement panel include data about specific types of fans, like the number of Regulars (listening to your music most days of the month), Loyalists (listening to you more than any other artist) and Streakers (listening to your music every day of the last week).

Who's listening to your music?

You can also find the age demographics of your Spotify listeners, including both your current fans and your monthly listeners. This data is great when you come to plan a PR campaign, giving you precise information about your target audience.

How are people listening?

Finding out how your audience is listening to your music is another excellent tool provided by Spotify analytics. You can quickly discover how users have come across and listened to your music, whether they heard it through playlists, radio, your profile page or by saving it to their personal collection.

Where is your fan base?

Your Spotify Fan Insights also include a colour coded map, showing where in the world your music is most listened to. You might find out something new and interesting about your fan base using handy tool, and perhaps even discover a fan base that you didn't know you had.

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Which other artists do your fans listen to?

Want to find out which other artists your fan are listening to? This section of your Spotify analytics data shows your audience’s other favourite artists from the past 28 days, so you can see who else is making an impact within your music scene and genre.


Your songs and playlists

My Spotify Stats

You’ll also notice that next to your Audience tab at the top of your Spotify analytics dashboard, you have the option to view your Songs and Playlists. These tabs offer insights into how many times your music has been streamed, downloaded and added to playlists across the platform.

Spotify Stats Tracker

Download your Spotify analytics

How To Check Spotify Stats

Not only can you view all of this useful information on screen, but you can also download Spotify analytics and insights for your records, helping you keep track of exactly how you are engaging with your fans on the world's most popular streaming platform.

How To Check Spotify Stats On App

Have you used Spotify for Artists to track how your audience is engaging with your music on Spotify? Let us know in the comments and share this with your friends!

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