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The playable Carrier Command: Gaea Mission demo. Narrated by one of the developers, the demo kicks off with an action-packed sequence in which players control one of the amphibious Walruses. Once they complete their first objective, the demo fast forwards to another island. REGION: Worldwide PLATFORM: Steam Link To Steam Store Page Here A next-gen re-imagination of a groundbreaking 80s classic. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission brings a breathtaking combination of action and strategy elements. RELEASE DATE: 28 Sep 2012 ALL REVIEWS: Mixed DEVELOPER: Bohemia Interactive PUBLISHER: Bohemia Interactive. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - v1.2.0034 +6 Trainer - Download. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. File type Trainer. File size 1.2 MB. Last update Monday, October 15, 2012. Downloads (7 days) 1.

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This is the Carrier Command Gaea Mission manual which is 22 pages in pdf format.

Table of Content:
  1. 1. Description:
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2012-09-30 16:14
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Bohemia Interactive
Copyright (c) 2012 . All rights reserved.

1. Description:

Welcome to the United Earth Coalition’s Combat Operations Manual. This tome will prepare you for combat on the sunbaked shores of Taurus. But firstly, a brief recap:
The people of the United Earth Coalition (UEC in short) have always lived in peace. Our disagreements with the power-hungry Asian Pacific Alliance (APA for short) have led our two nations into a catastrophic war that has left planet Earth an almost uninhabitable wasteland.
The once pure, crystal-clear oceans have been polluted by the fires of industry and the products of war. Our planet is dying, but a solution has been uncovered. In the far reaches of a distant planetary system, the moon Taurus of gas giant M38 holds the key. Probes have revealed its vast, fresh-water oceans, a supply that will help restore Earth to its former glory, and help us defeat the APA once and for all.
We are engaged in a struggle against the APA to take control over Taurus, a battle that has been raging for some time, a war we must win. The operation has been code-named ‘Gaea Mission’. Your primary task is to take control of the Dead Zone; an archipelago on the moon’s surface, clear of satellite reception. The APA has had some time to establish a presence there due to the distance from Earth, so strong resistance is expected. Travel between islands is by Carrier, a fortress-like ship the APA developed back on Earth and has deployed here on Taurus. The Carrier is capable of deploying several aerial units, amphibious ground-based units, and is equipped with various onboard systems. The plan is to take control of a decommissioned Carrier, repair it, and use it to take control of the archipelago.
The Dead Zone is crucial to taking control of the moon, and with it, Earth’s future.
1.1. Gaea Mission Campaign

In the story-driven campaign of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, you take on the role of Lieutenant Myrik, an experienced soldier of the UEC, starting off with little more than an assault rifle, personnel combat armor, and your team, together you prepare to take on the Dead Zone. The story begins on the island of Vulcan, where your primary task is to take control of the decommissioned APA Carrier, and slowly nurse it back to health. From there you will steadily build up resources and equipment, and will gradually improve your arsenal as you progress. This mode may be accessed from the main menu by selecting Campaign.

1.2. Strategy Game
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In this free-form mode, you are pitted against the enemy Carrier in the Dead Zone with random island positions. The amount of islands you and the enemy begin with is configurable, as well as the strength of the enemy, initial resources, how fast resources are gained as well as how fast items are produced, and lastly whether the game ends if you sink the enemy carrier or when you take control of the entire Dead Zone. This mode may be accessed from the main menu by selecting Strategy Game, where you will be able to configure the various settings.


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