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Firmware Keys are keys which decrypt bootloaders, ramdisks, and root filesystem of iOS firmware, if those components are encrypted. Apple uses encryption to make it harder to analyze and modify them. Over time Apple changed the way they encrypt firmware files, hence the way to decrypt them and get decryption keys changed as well.

If you want to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 on iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5C/6/6+/6s/6s+/SE/7/7+ then welcome to the right place!

There are no hacking tools to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 and if you already tried one of those you know what I mean!

I will show you the only way to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 and this way involves the iPhone’s original owner!

Stolen or Lost iPhones and Unlock iCloud 9.3.5

Since iOS 9, iCloud Activation Lock and Find My iPhone Activation Lock are the same thing.

iCloud Activation lock is the greatest anti-theft measurement ever and this is why Apple made it an iOS built-in app!

When iCloud Activation Lock is ON, the iPhone needs original owner’s Apple ID and Password to get activated!

Make no mistake, iCloud Activation Lock is unhackable and there are NO tools to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 or bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen!

This means that when you want to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5, you need to find the original owner because he/she is the only person in the whole world that can Unlock iCloud 9.3.5!

Try these old iCloud hacks, maybe you get more lucky!

Thieves know this well and this is why they choose to sell iCloud Locked iPhones through online markets like Craigslist, Amazon or eBay!

Online markets cannot determine if the iPhone seller is a thief or the original owner and the next time you will decide to buy a refurbished iPhone do an IMEI Check first!

An IMEI Check Service will ensure that the iPhone is not iCloud Locked, SIM Locked, Blacklisted or has any other hidden issue that can make it unusable!

You will even know the true market value of the iPhone you are buying in case, someone is trying to rip you off.

If the iCloud Status is CLEAN, there is still an unlocking solution.

iCloud Activation Lock Screen & Unlock iCloud 9.3.5

You are not here to listen about how to avoid buying an iCloud Locked iPhone but you need to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5! Let me show you how!

The very first moment you turned on your second hand iPhone, you saw the iCloud Activation Lock Screen!

In this screen (and it is as far as you can get) you can see why this iPhone is iCloud Locked and sometimes there is a message by the original owner.

If you are lucky there will be a phone number or an email address to reach iPhone’s original owner!

DO IT! There is no other way to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5!

You were scammed in buying this iCloud Locked iPhone or you just found the iPhone!

Explain what happened to the original owner!

  • Original owner might disable the iCloud Activation Lock
  • Original owner might offer you money to return the iPhone
  • Original owner might ask for money to deactivate the Find My iPhone Activation Lock

But what happens when there is NO message by the iPhone’s original owner? How can you Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 in this case?

Find the original owner & Unlock iCloud 9.3.5

  • The online market doesn’t know who is the iPhone’s original owner
  • The person who sold you this iPhone is a thief or a scammer
  • Contacting Apple will do you no good because they won’t share their customer’s personal info
  • If you just found the iPhone, you have no clue anyway

Fortunately, there is a way to find the iPhone’s original owner in order to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 and it is called iCloud Contact Information Service!

iCloud Contact Information Services from trusted iPhone Unlock Providers has authorized access to Apple’s iCloud databases and finds ALL original owner’s contact info!


This is what iCloud Contact Info Service will get you

To use the iCloud Contact Information Service you will only need:

  1. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s IMEI number (Just press the ”i” button on the top right corner of iCloud Activation Lock Screen)
  2. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s UDID number (Here is how to find iPhone’s UDID number)

In case, the original owner is not responding you have another option, you couldn’t have without the iCloud Contact Info!

You can use iCloud Contact info to make a Formal iCloud Unlock Request to Apple!

Apple will either Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 or settle a meeting with the iPhone’s original owner!

Now you can Unlock iCloud 9.3.5

I know how strange it sounds when I’m telling you to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 by finding the original owner but there is no way around iCloud Activation Lock!

To tell you the truth, I am really glad that nothing can hack Find My iPhone Activation Lock.

How would you feel if someone stole your iPhone and there was a service to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 without your permission?

When you want to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5 and you can’t see a message by the original owner on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen, use an iCloud Contact Information Service to find the original owner. It is the only way!

Did you manage to Unlock iCloud 9.3.5? Do you have other issues with iPhone Unlocking?

Leave a comment below and I will help you as much as I can, ASAP. Take care!

Today has been an interesting day in the world of jailbreaking. New developers have been able to achieve miraculous feats. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Hacker xerub, who is behind jailbreak tools such as extra_recipe, has released firmware keys for iOS 9.3.5.

Firmware Keys are “keys” that allow you to decrypt the root file system of an iOS version. Apple utilizes these “keys” for securing the files present in a firmware.

They are acquired through a low-level exploit such as the one used by limera1n jailbreak.

iKGD, developed by Neal, is one such tool that is based on limera1n’s exploit. iKGD automatically dumps the AES keys for iOS firmware.

Finding firmware keys per se doesn’t mean there will be a jailbreak. However, they are useful for decrypting IPSW firmware files.

Keys also signify the existence of an iBoot or a BootROM exploit out there.

Once a hacker gains access to the filesystem and bootloader, he can then proceed to detect security vulnerabilities that might lead to jailbreak. In layman’s terms, you can access the encrypted parts of a firmware.

The best part about this is that Apple can’t patch this exploit anymore since iOS 9.3.5 is the last firmware for 32-bit devices.

It works on all 32-bit iOS devices and 64-bit devices with some enhancements.

Jailbreak developer iH8sn0w has clearly stated that he “might” release his exploit once Apple officially stops supporting 32-bit devices.

As you already know, iOS 11 firmware‘s final version will only be compatible with 64-bit devices, not 32-bit devices. This development sure gives us all some hope.

Finding an iBoot exploit is no walk in the park, even for an advanced hacker who knows his stuff. I bet dollars to dinars that no hacker today will be able to find a security vulnerability in iBoot or BootROM like the older developer teams did.

This means iH8sn0w can keep this exploit stashed until Apple patches it. He can then utilize this exploit for infosec research on iOS 11 and newer firmware versions.

This exploit will most likely lead to a Userland jailbreak if it is made public. It will also allow you to downgrade to iOS 9.x if it’s compatible with iOS 10.

If you have any 32-bit device running iOS 9.3.5 lying around, it’s important to not lose hope at this point.

Cant Decrypt Ios 9.3.5 Dmg Free

Cant Decrypt Ios 9.3.5 Dmg

Cant Decrypt Ios 9.3.5 Dmg Update

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